Friday, January 23, 2009

you've heard of location, location, location - how about document, document, document?

New ideas are a beautiful thing. I am being pushed out of my job because I have a new boss, who says one thing and does another and he is someone who is determined to push me out of the company. This job began over a year ago when I was hired as a Product Manager for a financial firm. The man who hired me didn't pay attention to me or give me work to do for the first 6 months I worked there. I spent my days looking for work to do. I found something to keep me busy everyday. Then my boss quit. I worked for the Marketing Director for 3 months. This work relationship worked fairly well. And for the last 6 months, I have been working with my present boss. The first comment I heard out of him was directed to a friend "oh you go out and have dinner with her?" Since that time, I have worked and worked to get ahead. I am currently the only manager in my office working 7 plans. I have a business partner I work with who micromanagers and hides behind a sweet voice. Over the past months, I have worked anywhere from 55 - 72 hours just to keep pace with the amount of work my business partner wants from me. I will expand more here...tomorrow. Document, document, document!

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